• Toronto propane explosion, August 2008: One of the first reporters on the scene, it was partly because of Sarah that the Post was the first mainstream media outlet to have coverage of the blast. Her photos were republished in papers across Canada.
  • Canadian Idol coverage: Sarah covered Canadian Idol for its final three seasons and in 2008, she ramped up coverage by interviewing each member of the Top 10 as they were voted out;
  • York University strike coverage, 2008-09: Again, one of the first reporters to be on the story, Sarah followed the story from the union’s decision to strike to legislation being passed ordering the union back to work. She also used Twitter to live-tweetthe Ontario Legislature as they debated the back-to-work legislation.
  • “Returning to Ottawa” — a personal, poignant essay on her experiences with depression for the Ottawa Citizen after a missing Ottawa student’s suicidal thoughts became public;
  • Will vote mobs translate to actual votes” — This piece took a trend in the 2011 federal election to see what, if any, it could have on the actual election results;
  • John Stamos answers Ryerson’s student’s online plea — Following John Stamos on Twitter has its benefits; the Star had the worldwide exclusive to this story;
  • Saying good-bye to Johnny Mac — A personal fan says farewell to the former Blue Jay.
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    • johnny bowers

      Just read your article on Amanda Marshall. Am listening to her first CD as I write to you. Its Christmas morning. Im impressed with Amandas music as I am with your article about her.
      Perhaps I will look for more writing by you as music by her. Have a wonderful holiday season and a great New Year.

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