What Glee needs to do before it says good-bye

Glee has faced a number of issues since the program started back in 2009. No, I’m not talking about the social issues the show tackles, and attempts to tackle, in the program itself. Rather, I’m talking about issues the show faces generally. The biggest one being that Glee aspires to be a better show than it is. Don’t… Continue Reading

Men can lean out, too

Spoilers for last night’s The Good Wife are below. You’ve been warned. I’m still giving you a chance to bail if you haven’t seen last night’s episode. Last chance.

A curious use of social media

Is it just me, or has TV suddenly discovered Twitter? Sure, TV shows or personalities tweeted before: Survivor‘s Jeff Probst has live-tweeted episodes for the past few seasons, so has Phil Keoghan of The Amazing Race. But suddenly, it seems every TV show wants you to tweet with them while you’re watching the program. Some… Continue Reading

With Friends like these, who needs critics?

I came across an article that really piqued my interest and bothered me, both as a journalist and an avid TV watcher. The article, The Sexual Proclivities of Friends, was written by Mike D’Avria and aimed, I think, to discuss how disgusting and shocking it was that over the course of 10 years, six characters… Continue Reading

Saying goodbye to Oprah

It’s November 19, 1990. I’m eight years old and in Grade 3. School gets out somewhere around 3:30 p.m. I remember running to my best friend Debby’s house, about a 15 minute walk on a good day. We get there in record time and run up the stairs. We flop into her brother’s room, the… Continue Reading