Where does a year go?

A year ago this past Wednesday, I took a test that I thought was going to change my life. I had been feeling crappy for a week. My stomach bothered me, I was tired, I just felt off. “Maybe you’re pregnant,” my then-boss half-joked during a Starbucks run. “Impossible,” I said, but on the inside,… Continue Reading

My visit to an abortion clinic

Today I was at my dad’s coffee shop in town chatting with him about my weekend, when one of his employees popped her head into the back of the shop. “Um, it’s not a big deal right now,” she said. “But, there’s a group of abortion protesters across the street in front of the library.”… Continue Reading

Moving on from our loss

This coming Saturday is our due date. Sorry, it was our due date. Sept. 13 was our due date when we had something due. Which we haven’t for more than six months now. It’s hard to believe that I could be nine months pregnant right now. That we could be enjoying our last days of… Continue Reading

Two months in…

Someday, you’ll be back here on your terms.” That line from Juno  first echoed in my head as I laid upon a hospital gurney in Cuba and was experiencing a miscarriage. It’s been two months since that day, but there’s still so much of it that feels fresh, that feels real. Until this, I had no… Continue Reading

Missing my miscarriage

As women, we’re taught there’s only one thing to really fear — the missed period. I’ve missed a few periods in my day, all were unexpected misses. And all, but the last one, were missed dearly. I never thought I’d miss my period as much as one does in those panic-filled hours and days as… Continue Reading