In my life

Why I’m taking my fiancé’s name when we get married

Last week I read a piece by Jill Filipovic on the Guardian about how women should stop taking men’s names when they get married. Instead, she argues, men should be taking our last names. Her column came about after seeing a bunch of women with names she didn’t recognize on her Facebook account, and her… Continue Reading

Our house: One year later

It’s been almost a year since Keith and I first saw our house, made an offer and officially became homeowners together. I thought this would be a fun way to commemorate that (hover over the image to see its magic!).

What this space is

I’ve ignored this space for a really long time. OK, maybe ignored is the wrong word. Neglected might be better. This blog and I were like a new relationship back in 2009. We started off hot and heavy, together almost every day of the week. We even had a taste of going viral early when… Continue Reading