PR info

I’m always open to working with new brands on my blog. Please send your pitch to with an outline of the opportunity. I’ll aim to reply to your email within 24 hours.

A few things:

  • In order to review a product, I do ask that I get to try out the product for the period of at least one week;
  • Specific stuff I’m interested in includes new technology, health and fitness gadgets, food and drink, and travel. However, I’m happy to hear your pitch if you don’t fall into those categories.
  • I will be honest about what I think about the product when reviewing it.
  • I write my own posts, and will not just publish copy pre-written by a brand.
  • I believe in full disclosure: When I write a post sponsored by a brand, I will disclose it to my readers up front.

I currently work with Rogers Communications as part of their Rogers Social Insider program. I’m also a proud member of the Yummy Mummy Community.