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Why I’m thinking harder about the words I say and write

I’ve been told I’m too negative. Not as a person, generally speaking (OK, my husband does say I tend to bring down the mood on occasion). Rather, it’s in how I write or speak to people. I’ve had this (constructive) criticism given to me by a number of people, most commonly by my supervisors at… Continue Reading

To tweet or not to tweet? An update on my 2014 resolution

One of my more interesting 2014 resolutions was to tweet less. If you’ll recall, my husband noticed I tweet. A lot. He offered me a friendly wager to see if it would help me tweet less. I decided to make this one of my 2014 resolutions. The plan was this: I’d have 140 “free” tweets… Continue Reading

A July photo challenge that’s simply Blissful

My bags are packed, I’m ready to go… OK, maybe my bags aren’t actually packed yet, but this week I finally got my ticket for Blissdom 2014 in Mississauga from Oct. 2-4. And I. Can’t. Wait. This isn’t my first Blissdom. I went to the conference in 2012, though with my community manager hat on, on… Continue Reading

Facebook page: Friend or foe?

I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve had a slew of Facebook friends who are encouraging me to “like” their new Facebook pages. I’ve had so many, I almost had to check the date to make sure we hadn’t gone back to 2010. OK, I jest. But just a little bit. Before getting into… Continue Reading