Fun times

The Blue Jays have faith in the Blue Jays

For the past two years, my husband and I have been Toronto Blue Jays Flex Pack subscribers. As such, I got the following email today: According to the National Post, citing MLB, the Blue Jays chances of actually making the playoffs are a measly 2.2%. At least one of us has hope. Yes, as much as… Continue Reading

What Glee needs to do before it says good-bye

Glee has faced a number of issues since the program started back in 2009. No, I’m not talking about the social issues the show tackles, and attempts to tackle, in the program itself. Rather, I’m talking about issues the show faces generally. The biggest one being that Glee aspires to be a better show than it is. Don’t… Continue Reading

Being transported back to the ’90s

Music has always played a big part in my life. Don’t get my wrong, I can hardly carry a tune, let alone am I musically inclined in any way. But music, mostly pop music, has been something that has touched me in a way nothing else has. Certain songs, albums and artists can take me… Continue Reading