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BSC Bloggin': Stacey’s Ex-Best Friend

Stacey’s best friend from New York, Laine Cummings, comes to spend a week with Stacey during winter break at her school, which happens to be right around Valentine’s Day. Laine is not too thrilled at the idea (her other options were cool New York parties with highschoolers or a beach-side condo), but ends up going to… Continue Reading

BSC Bloggin': Jessi and the Dance School Phantom

I actually don’t remember too much about Jessi as a BSC character, other than the fact she was a junior officer and a dancer. When we were selecting books for this project, I jumped at the chance to re-read a Jessi-centric book, as I wanted to try and get to know her a little better…. Continue Reading

BSC Bloggin': Stacey and the Mystery of Stoneybrook

I loved this book, right up until the ending. The book starts off with the girls discussing a very old house in Stoneybrook being demolished  in order for a developer to toss up some new, shiny condos. The girls can’t believe that they’re tearing it down, as it was so old they thought it was a heritage landmark…. Continue Reading

BSC Bloggin': Kristy and the Secret of Susan

This was a really, um, interesting book to re-read, and to be completely honest most of it really rubbed me the wrong way. Want to read more in the BSC Bloggin’ project? Click here for all the posts. The plot was largely centered around a new sitting client, Susan Felder, who is severely autistic and is just home for… Continue Reading

BSC Bloggin': Kristy and the Mother’s Day Surprise

I have to say it: I never liked Kristy as a kid (she was just way too blunt and bossy). When I read my last BSC Bloggin’ book, I didn’t find Kristy nearly as bad as I did two decades ago, so I decided to give some of her first-person books (many of which I… Continue Reading