Don’t stop believin’

Another week of running done. This week’s total was 20.8 kilometres (for some reason my application says I should have run 20.9 km, even though the math doesn’t add up to that.) I spent just shy of three hours this week running.

Like I said in last week’s post, this week marked two records I’d break: the amount of runs since I started tracking my runs and 500 lifetime kilometres. Wow. It’s also amazing to think that if I’m able to complete my training plan, I’ll be close to 650 lifetime kilometres before my 5K in May. I might even pass 700 lifetime kilometres by my duathlon in July.

This week I went from three runs to four. It was hard to get out there some of the days, especially when I woke up to something I didn’t expect on Saturday morning.

I had to put this in this week since I'm at the top of the leaderboard for kilometres in April. It won't be like that for long, but it's cool while it lasts.

I had to put this in this week since I’m at the top of the leaderboard for kilometres in April. It won’t be like that for long, but it’s cool while it lasts.

Snow. Yes there was snow on the ground. On April 2. WTF?

Despite the snow, I laced up my runners and hit the pavement. I haven’t run in the snow in years. By the 5 kilometre mark, my glasses were fogging up and it was getting hard to see. I persevered though and completed the run. This week, I only walked 100 metres at the end.

Next week, I’m up to five runs for a total of 29 kilometres. I’m not sure I’m ready for it, but I am ready to try.

I’m also making myself the goal of running in the mornings before my husband leaves for work. That way my run is done and I can get on with my day. I think part of my not wanting to run this week was because I saved it until he got home after 4 p.m., and just had no energy to go.

Things I realized this week: When you don’t want to run is when you need to run the most. Also, having a baby encourages me to run. Before I didn’t want to go running because I liked being lazy on the couch while watching TV. Now, if I don’t run, there’s no lazing on the couch for me. Instead, it’s minding a baby. I’ll hit the road for an hour, thanks very much.

Six more weeks until race day. I can’t wait.