Changes in the last 22 years


Photo by AA440/Flickr

Late Friday night while most of the Toronto Blue Jays fan base slept, the Jays clinched their first playoff spot in 22 years. It was the longest playoff drought in North American sports (congrats, Toronto Maple Leafs, you actually weren’t the saddest Toronto team when it comes to the post-season).

The last time the Jays made the post season was 1993 (this was also the last time they won they World Series, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, here).

Here are a few things that have changed in the 22 years between the Jays’ playoff appearances.

1993 2015
I was 11 I’m 33 now
We didn’t have a computer in our house I have a phone that has more computing power than any desktop computer in 1993
The top baby names were Michael and Jessica Atticus and Charlotte are the most popular baby names (in the first half of 2015)
A Canadian stamp cost 43 cents  A Canadian stamp costs $1.00
The highest gas prices in Toronto was 55.5 cents per litre throughout 1993 (Jan. 12) Average price of gas in Toronto was 113.0 cents a litre for the month of August)
Boy Meets World debuted Girl Meets World is in its second season
NBC first coined “Must-see TV” NBC really has nothing on anymore that is considered “Must-see TV”
Jurrasic Park was the highest grossing movie of 1993 Jurrassic World is (so far) the highest grossing movie of 2015
Schindler’s List won the Best Picture Oscar Birdman won the Best Picture Oscar (technically it’s the 2014 winner, so here is a list of predictions for 2015 films)
Dreamlover by Mariah Carey was the No. 1 song during the entirety of the MLB post-season The Hills by The Weeknd is the No. 1 song for the week the Jays clinched their playoff spot
The post season was two rounds The post season is three rounds (plus a wild card game)
The Jays won the World Series The Jays could win the World Series

What has changed in your life in the 22 years since the Blue Jays last made the post season?