The Blue Jays have made the post season

Rogers Centre

Photo via Freaktography/Flickr

I woke up last night around 2 a.m. As my kind husband went to get me a glass of water, I grabbed my phone to check if the L.A. Angels had lost, which would mean my beloved Blue Jays would have clinched a playoff spot for the first time in 22 years.

Sadly, the Angels won. Oh, well.

I went back to sleep shortly there after, a little glad that I didn’t sleep through the magic moment of the Jays making the post season. When I woke up this morning for the day, I went through my normal morning routine. First up: lazily going through Twitter and Facebook to see what I missed from the night before.

Somewhere around 3 a.m., there was a tweet I didn’t expect.

Um, we did what now?

So began a Saturday morning of a lot of back and forth regarding whether the Jays had really made the post season even though the Angels won or not. The majority of the fan base seems to be saying the Jays have, even if they’re not saying so themselves quite yet. (Update: as I write this post, the Jays have conceded that they have made the post season. So everybody celebrate?)

It’s been a long road as a Jays fan to this moment. I remember bits and pieces from 1992 and ’93. The two championship years blend together in my mind. I remember them playing the Atlanta Braves (1992), but I also distinctly remember watching Joe Carter’s home run (1993) at the same time.

When the Jays made their blockbuster trades at the end of July, I remained skeptical at best. We still had a long way to go. The playoffs weren’t a sure thing with 40+ games remaining in the season. If baseball has taught me anything, it’s that there’s no such thing as a sure thing.

That said, the month of August was the best ride I can remember as a Blue Jays fan in a long, long time. I remember turning to my husband halfway through August and saying even if they Jays didn’t make the playoffs, man, it was all worth the ride.

During these last few months, I’ve fallen in love with David Price and his enthusiasm for the game, I’m even happy to have my beloved No. 6 being worn by someone who is not Johnny Mac (welcome back, Marcus Stroman). I’m still having fun watching games, even when they’re stressful and even when they Jays end up losing, because the time just makes it so much fun to do so.

The last game I was at this year was August 31 (it was probably my last game of the year, too since I was unsuccessful at nabbing playoff tickets when they went on sale and I can’t afford to pay the crazy secondary market prices). During the eighth inning, they played Hooked on a Feeling. Man, was I (and thousands of other Blue Jays fans) ever hooked on a feeling. All kinds of feelings.

Then they made this commercial:

Man, I just have so much love for this team.

So congratulations, Blue Jays on making the post season. It’s been one helluva ride to this point. Now let’s win the division, eh?