To tweet or not to tweet? An update on my 2014 resolution

One of my more interesting 2014 resolutions was to tweet less.

Twitter_logo_blueIf you’ll recall, my husband noticed I tweet. A lot. He offered me a friendly wager to see if it would help me tweet less. I decided to make this one of my 2014 resolutions. The plan was this: I’d have 140 “free” tweets per month. After that, I owed myself a quarter for each tweet past 140.

I decided to download my Twitter archive to see how I did last year. Here’s how each month totals up (without subtracting the 140 tweets each month):

540 283 502 557 333 320 449 340 635 425 193 161

Subtotal: 4,313
Minus allowance:
1, 680
Grand total:

Yikes. Not even close.

So how much do I owe? Well after some more math of 25 cents per tweet, I owe myself $658.25. Double yikes.

OK, so this wasn’t so much of a success. However, I did tweet drastically less in November and December than in previous months of the year (that could be due to the fact that I can’t bring my iPhone to work with me anymore).

When I compared my 2014 total with my total tweets from 2013, I really declined in tweeting last year.

According to my Twitter archive, I tweeted an unbelievable 10,651 times in 2013 (!!!). That’s more than double my 2014 total. If I were to charge myself a quarter for each of my 2013 tweets above 1,680 I’d owe myself $2,242.75. That’s unreal!

So I consider my goal to tweet less a success, of sorts. I may not have only tweeted 1,680 tweets throughout the year, but I have been tweeting less. Perhaps that’s a good thing.

Unfortunately, I think it’s going to be near impossible to fill a bowl with $658.25 in quarters, so you’ll just have to imagine that visual, but I’d like to do something with that money.

This is where you, dear reader, come in. What should I do with the money I owe myself for tweeting too much in 2014? Invest? Buy something pretty? Please leave your suggestions below. 

  • Shari Storms

    $658.25 would buy a lot of LUSH!!!! or maybe put it towards another trip…or something for the house…or go on a clothing shopping spree…or if you have no idea how to spend it, you could always donate it to me! LOL but seriously, how about donating (at least part of it; maybe half), to one of your favourite charities? then spend the other half on yourself (that’s still a lot of LUSH!).

    • Sarah Foster

      I like the way you think, Shari!

      I like the donation idea. I think I’ll definitely do that.

      And I can’t believe you’re forgetting Davids Tea! Especially since Lush is all out of my favourite things! ;-)