Things I’m thankful for

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada, which means everyone is tweeting/Facebooking/Instagramming gorgeous photos of turkeys and all the fixings. (I had one of my holiday meals on Saturday, the other is tonight — so beware!).

It also means that many people are tweeting/Facebooking/blogging things that they’re thankful for. 2014 has been a crazy year for me, but it has also made me realize I have a lot of things to be thankful for. So here are mine in no particular order.

I’m thankful for … my husband


In the airport in Ciba

This photo of us was taken 12 hours before we found out we had miscarried. We had just landed in Cuba for (what we thought was going to be) a much-needed holiday. Instead, we weaved the Cuban medical world, without anyone who spoke our language.

We lost the baby we loved, but we got stronger. I couldn’t have imagined going through that with anyone else. We’re each other’s opposite. When he needs strength, I’m the strong one; and when I need strength, he gives it to me.

His faith in me is paramount and I am thankful every day we found one another. I couldn’t imagine navigating this world with anyone but him.

I’m thankful for … my health

This year was probably the closest thing to a health crisis I’ve ever had. Not only did I miscarry, but my miscarriage didn’t complete. The fetus was dead in me for close to 10 weeks before everything got sorted out. I’m thankful for everyone in the medical community that helped me along the way, but also grateful that I didn’t get an infection from my experience. I still have my health, and am so very happy about that.

I’m thankful for … my family


My family on my wedding day.

As I explained over on The New Family, my family is weird. There’s divorces and separations and new pairings and a lot of “step” relatives, but boy do we have love.

This year, I moved back to Kincardine, which is where the majority of my family is. It has been a blessing getting to know them again, and see them more than just on holidays. During these past few months, we’ve also gotten to know my brother and his wife better than we ever have, and I’m so glad for that.

Family is something you do not choose, it’s just given to you. While that’s mostly true for me, the breadth and love from my step-family shows that when you do choose a family, sometimes it can be a perfect fit.

My kitty Bella.

My kitty Bella.

I’m thankful for … my cat

Surprise, surprise, right?

It may seem trivial, but my Bella has been such a huge part of my life for the past six years, I am thankful for her everyday. Keith and I both say that Bella is as much a part of our family as anyone else.

It gives me great joy when I wake up in the middle of the night, and my family surrounds me in my bed — my husband to my right, and my cat above my head.

She sleeps with me when I go for a nap, or when I’m sick. She makes me laugh, and she gives me the best cuddles. I couldn’t imagine life without her

What are you thankful for? Share your gratitude in the comments below.