When the weather screws up your plan to form healthier habits

One of my healthy lunches from last week. I have a brie cheese addiction problem.

I had every intention to run today.

For once, I actually mean that statement. I wanted to run today. I planned to run today. And then I woke up to rain pitter-pattering on our tin roof, and wind gusts that made me wonder if we still have our outdoor furniture, or if it’s blown down to our neighbours (thankfully, it still belongs to us).

I’m not a physically active person, typically. Rather, I’m not a physically active person unless I have to be. But with the move to the country, and the new lifestyle I’ve embarked on, I figure it’s time to give it a try. I know, I’ve made these promises before (haven’t we all?), but this time I mean it.

I mean, I’m in my early 30s, which means I need to be sure I’m wearing sunblock and moisturizer all the time, and I need to start taking care of my body (no more Tostitos for breakfast, I guess). Both Keith and I made this decision, and we both started running shortly after arriving here in Kincardine.

My goal was to run 20km before May 1. I’m .6 of a kilometre away from that. And the funny thing is, I think I’m enjoying running again. I really was looking forward to lacing up my runners and hitting the pavement. I was even going to go if it was spitting (which it’s not, the rain on the skylights above me sounds like it’s just crashing down out there).

I also decided to re-enter the FitBit-make-myself-move era of my life, since I found my old bands while packing (the new one was recalled earlier this year, so I sent it back and am waiting to see what they come out with next). Yesterday, I walked more than 15,000 steps — 5,000 past my goal. Today, it’s going to be a lot of pacing around the house in order to get close to 10,000.

“I wish I had a treadmill,” I murmured to my husband an hour ago.

“You should get one,” he said, before adding: “You know, as your gift to yourself when the house sells. You should buy yourself a treadmill.”

That wasn’t really the housewarming present that I wanted that purchase to be, but all right.

We’ve also been working hard at making healthy lunches, and enjoying the time we have together before I start work again next week by eating lunch together. I have to say, eating a healthy lunch with my husband sitting next to me is a wonderful wait to spend a weekday.

If only the rain would pass so I can go out and run. Sigh.

If you want to be workout buddies and use one another as motivation, you can find me on Nike+ for running and on FitBit for steps. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, right?

  • spydergrrl

    Do it. Get the treadmill. Mine has a laptop stand; I watch Netflix on it. Hubby and I decided long ago that whatever we started watching on the treadmill could only be watched on the treadmill. It’s great motivation to keep getting back on it. I’ve watched dozens and dozens of movies, shows and documentaries over the years. So worth it: it’s too easy to make excuses about outside being too cold, too icy, too rainy, too hot…

    • Sarah

      Hmm, good to know. Thanks, Tanya!

      I like your idea of what gets started on the treadmill gets finished on the treadmill. Good motivation idea!