A return to (hopefully) more regular posting

If you’ve visited my site before (I know, you’re here all of the time), you might have noticed that posting has been lacking lately — or for at least the last 18 months or so.

I take full responsibility for that.

There are no excuses, but I’m going to lay some out there, anyway. I started this blog when I worked in a job I didn’t really like. I missed writing, I missed being a part of things online — this blog was my lifeline to the world I had left behind. When I got a new job, I no longer felt that emptiness and, truth be told, I had no energy to write this blog all of the time when I wasn’t working.

Now here I am, at yet another new job, and trying to revive my old blog.

You’ll notice some changes, I hope they’ll encourage me to use this space more, to revive it and bring it back to something fun, a place where conversations happen, a place where I hang my hat.

First of those changes is there’s no more title. My blog used to be called Through the Looking Glass, but I opted just to make this my website going forward. Some days I’ll do posts, other days I may link around. I didn’t want to feel confined by my blog.

Second big change is the look of my site. I’ve been wanting a change for a long time now, but my lack of web skills has meant that hasn’t happened. I’m hoping the fresh look will give me the incentive I need to post more.

I’ve also updated my About page, which was grossly outdated with broken links (seriously, why do people still delete stuff that just happened four years ago?) and needed a refresher.

Please tell me what you think, and stop by often.

  • http://twitter.com/francesolimpo Frances Olimpo

    Love the new look! PS Your blog came up when I googled “October 2011″ so that’s some good SEO you got there!