Monthly Archives: January 2012

Good luck, Gabby

I didn’t know Gabrielle Giffords before January 8, 2011. Why would I? I didn’t live in Arizona and wasn’t particularly plugged into that part of American politics. Sure, I’m sure I saw her name in news stories and reports, especially after Arizona’s controversial immigration law was passed. But as with most other American congressmen and… Continue Reading

Five resolutions for journalists in 2012

At the start of last year, I wrote a piece for the Toronto Star’s intern blog with some resolutions for journalists. The resolutions were: Journalists should be wary of what they tweet; One should always spell check before clicking “publish;” One should not just social media source, but also talk to people in the “real”… Continue Reading

The worst breakup

There’s no breakup worse than the one with your best friend. It seems no amount of time or distance can help heal the wounds caused from it. And the Internet only makes it worse — especially the Facebooks, Twitters and blogs of the universe. Even if you’re not Facebook friends anymore, the rollout of Timeline… Continue Reading