Monthly Archives: July 2010

A sterilization double standard

An article in the August issue of Chatelaine caught my eye and spurred some heated discussion between my best friend and I recently (I’d link out to it but the Canadian women’s magazine doesn’t appear to put their feature stories online). It was an article about the sterilization of women and how inaccessible that option… Continue Reading

A step in the right direction

On Monday, the Ontario government made a fantastic step at trying to break the habit of drinking and driving. Basically, no matter what your license status (whether it be G1, G2 or a full G), if you are under the age of 21, you are not allowed to have any alcohol in your system at… Continue Reading

Why Lilith still matters in 2010

The cover of Eye Weekly caught my eye Saturday. I was on my way to the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre for Lilith Fair 2010 when Eye called to me. “Do we need a Lilith Fair in 2010?” The cover asked. When I arrived at the Amphitheatre, the answer hit my like a tonne of bricks as… Continue Reading

Why Jarvis St. losing a lane is a good thing

Big news out of Toronto. OK, not really big news per say, but because it affects drivers, it’s become big news. Jarvis St., which once had five lanes (the middle lane flipped back and forth to a north or south lane depending on the time of day), is now down to four. The middle lane… Continue Reading

Bloggers vs. Journos — is that debate not dead yet?

A post by Lauren O’Neil on the Toronto Star Interns blog got me thinking. She writes about the seeing the destruction of the G20 occurring on telelvision and, thinking this was her big break, she went running to Queen St., camera in hand. Only to find throngs of “regular” people doing the same: Hustling my… Continue Reading