On depression and Robin Williams

There has been a lot written about Robin Williams in the past couple of days since he died. A lot of memories, a lot of movie moments and a lot about depression. Many posts are personal stories about people’s own experience with the disease, while others are pleas to stop the stigma that is associated… Continue Reading

Death in the digital era

A friend of mine passed away yesterday. It was sudden and unexpected. It was sad. It was hard to wrap my head and my heart around. Along with all the normal grief processes though, I began to think about our digital footprint, and what is left behind when we die. As I cried for my… Continue Reading

A July photo challenge that’s simply Blissful

My bags are packed, I’m ready to go… OK, maybe my bags aren’t actually packed yet, but this week I finally got my ticket for Blissdom 2014 in Mississauga from Oct. 2-4. And I. Can’t. Wait. This isn’t my first Blissdom. I went to the conference in 2012, though with my community manager hat on, on… Continue Reading

How to make the best iced tea this summer

I thought I had iced tea down. I could make a glass on demand, or even a 2L pitcher full of my favourite brew. But I found it hard to drink 2L worth of my favourite iced tea. My taste buds need to be excited with new flavours. That’s when it hit me.

The summer of ’95

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the summer of ’95. Sure, it doesn’t have the same ring as the summer of ’69, and no it wasn’t the year I got my first six-string, though I did visit a 5 and Dime all summer. But I digress. The summer of 1995 was the summer I… Continue Reading